Waiting Time at Airports

Due to mechanical difficulties or bad weather, we will try to contact someone for authorization to wait. We will not abandon our clients at airports. We will wait until the flight arrives and charge accordingly unless we are told to dismiss the car. Half an hour included waiting time on all domestic and one hour on all international flight arrivals is included on all airport pickups. After that allowed time depending of flight from “wheels down” at the airport, the waiting time will be billed in increments of 15 minutes at the hourly rate of $50.00 plus gratuity. Pickup of passengers traveling on private jets to area FBO’s will be billed from the scheduled “wheels down” time.

Waiting Time at Residential, Business and other Commercial Locations

Customers are allowed 15 included minutes waiting time as a “grace period” from the scheduled pickup time. Thereafter, waiting time is calculated in 15 minute intervals by prorating the current hourly rate for the vehicle type requested.

Below is an example of waiting time charges:

0 – 15 minutes – No Charge 16 – 30 minutes – ½ hour waiting time
31 – 45 minutes – ¾ hour waiting time 46 – 60 minutes – 1 hour waiting time

Additional Stops

Charges for Additional Stops are generally $10-20 depending upon the distance traveled. Typically, stops within the same suburban town and along the way are $10 each and stops at other towns along the way are $20.The base rate charged will be that of the furthest town with the intermediate stops charged accordingly. Stops within NYC are $15 Stops in another county or borough will be charged based on the actual service. Trips to/from Manhattan below 23th Street are an additional $15 added to the base rate.

Early Morning Surcharge

Trips that are scheduled for pickup between 12:00am and 5:45am incur an additional $15.00 flat fee.

Holiday Surcharge

Trips on the holidays listed below incur an additional $20.00 flat fee: Christmas Eve (starting at 4 pm), Christmas Day, New Years Eve (starting at 4 pm),New Years Day, Easter Sunday , Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day

Chauffeur Gratuity

20% of the base fare and 20% of any waiting time (if applicable).

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a guaranteed reservation must be made Two hour prior to the Fairfield County pick-up time; and NYC or at an airport. No shows and cancel on locations will be charged accordingly.

STC Fuel Surcharge

Currently, there is a 5% fuel surcharge on the base fare. The fuel surcharge is subject to change. For vehicle upgrades to NYC or AREA AIRPORTS, add the following to the base rates:

SUV $65.00
Van $70.00
Limo $85.00

For vehicle upgrade to a Stretch Limousine to AREA AIRPORTS only, add the following to the base rates:
Stretch Limousine 85.00. Stretch limousines to any other destination, including NYC, are billable at the hourly rates listed, portal to portal.

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